Upper Body Training

Working the upper body is important when packing on size or building a lean physique. Dr. Hodge has learned over the years that the combination of exercises makes a difference in how you grow as as athlete and how your muscles respond. Often times athletes pair the wrong exercises together in hopes of achieving maximum results. Through partnership with Performax Labs, we have demonstrated the exercises that work and are proven to help you achieve the results you want.  


The chest is one of the most prominent muscle groups and many times athletes don't understand that in order to maximize growth and make gains they must be well-balanced in all other areas that include the shoulder, triceps, and biceps. We know that routines need to switch often to prevent the muscle adaptation process and to allow for more growth to occur. 


The chest is a large muscle group, Dr. Trey has found there are 4 important aspects of working the chest, to build more definition and grow.

Dr. Trey, as part of his series with Team Performax, identifies the core chest exercises every athlete should incorporate into their workouts. 

In order to ensure maximum growth in the chest region, you must isolate the different components. Dr. Trey works with one of his athletes to demonstrate the best chest isolation exercises. 


Training the back is just as important as training every other muscle group in the body, its necessary to build a stronger foundation and to be able to complete other exercise. Often times, the back is one of the most neglected areas by athletes but Dr. Trey has compiled several different workouts that can help build a broader back and more definition. 


Dr. Trey explains the best way to train for a detailed back while dealing with elbow pain or other issues involving the elbow. 

Timale Petty and Charles Dixon work with Dr. Trey to complete a back workout that will increase overall size and strength.


Your shoulders do a fair amount of work whenever you perform back and chest exercises, but performing exercises that single out your delts is especially important when preparing for an upcoming competition or if your trying to increase your overall upper body strength.


Dr. Trey works with Charles Dixon to work the shoulders through a workout that helps maximize should development and growth. 

Team Performax and Dr. Trey demonstrate the best shoulder exercises to include in your workout routine. 

Maintaining the health of your shoulders is important, especially the various tendons and cartilage components that comprise the area. Dr. Trey reviews the best ways to ensure you maintain the health of your shoulders. 

biceps and triceps training

Even though they are the smallest muscles in the body, the biceps and triceps are crucial to being able to work other muscle groups. Dr. Trey works with his athletes to define, maximize growth, and develop the smaller muscles to ensure they not only reach their


Learn how Timale Petty trains his biceps and triceps as part of his overall workout program. 

Dr. Trey works with an athlete from Team Performax to demonstrate the critical tricep exercises you should be implementing into your workouts.

Dr. Trey breaks down several bicep exercises to help you build bigger, stronger arms