Hodge Custom Training


Upper Body Workouts

Almost everyone that lifts understands the importance of working the upper body but did you realize that the combination of exercises and how you work the muscles is equally as important.  We have partnered with both Performax Labs and our professional athletes to demonstrate proper lifting techniques to ensure you gain the most from your workouts. 


Leg Training

Lower body exercise is extremely important however, leg day is possibly the most dreaded day at the gym by those that lift regularly. Although muscles like your arms, back, shoulders and core are more noticeable when you train  regularly, to those who are missing leg days- you are making a big mistake. Setting aside training sessions to work on your lower body, will help you develop and maintain strong quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves- some of the biggest muscles in the body. Here we have provided a variety of exercises to be utilized in combination or when focusing on individual areas of the lower body.


The Chase for the title

Training is already a challenge but preparing for an event that is in the national spotlight is a different experience. The Arnold Classic, which is one of the largest multi-sport event in the world, promotes professional bodybuilding and strongman competitions with the most well built and strongest athletes in the world.