Importance of Lower Back Health

The Importance of Lower Back Health

Coach: IFBB Pro Monique Jones

I have learned to keep my lower back as healthy as possible, which is why I focus on core strength and glute strengthening exercises. These ensure I am still able to keep my strength in those areas outside of my normal routine. I focus, for the most part, on my depth with the one-legged leg press on the smith machine. The positioning with this movement allows me an increased range of motion without adding extra compressed loading on my lower spine. I immediately super-set with the next exercise on using my core to control flexing my hips. At first glance, it may appear that my glutes are doing a lot of the work but in reality I'm not squeezing my glutes at all, which allows me to focus on the core lifting in my lower body. Both exercises are done with control and can aid in strengthening as well as injury prevention. Below, Monique demonstrates the two core exercises that she utilizes in maintaining strength in her lower back and glutes. 


IFBB Pro Monique Jones demonstrates the lower back exercises for core strength, with the one leg press on the Smith Machine.

Lower back strength exercises with Monique, two leg press on the Smith Machine.