Team Hodge Certified Trainers


Derman B. Hodge III,(Trey) DC

Dr. Trey Hodge is the founder and owner of Hodge Custom Training.  Founded in 2000, Hodge Custom Training was established after he saw the impact of helping others achieve their goals.  As the founding member of Team Hodge, Dr. Trey has a high level of knowledge and expertise in bodybuilding and contest prep. Furthermore, Dr. Trey is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, which means he always places his client's health and well-being at the forefront of any training program. 


Nicole Coleman

With almost 20 years in the Fitness Industry, Nicole has been able to provide individuals with a vast array of experience from both sides of the stage. In 2008, Nicole earned her Pro Card by winning the NPC Team Universe Championship in Figure A Class. After garnering her win, she competed for one year as a Pro Figure Competitor and switched to the Pro Bikini division after it was introduced in 2009. 


Monique Jones

Monique comes to Team Hodge with 18 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. Beginning in 2000, Monique began her competitive history in competing at the NPC Figure Competition and then on to the Bodybuilding Competition. After competing in the IFBB Competition in September 2010, she earned her Pro Card and continued her quest to compete at Ms. Olympia and garnered an invitation to the Arnold Classic in 2012.



Brent Bumgarner

Brent brings an exponential amount of talent and experience to Team Hodge. He began his history as a competitor in 2000 when he placed 1st at the NPC Elite Teen Lightweight and overall bodybuilding champion. In 2015, Brent earned his Pro Card at the WBFF Orlando Open by placing 1st in the Muscle Model Contest. Not only does he bring his personal experience to the table, he also brings consultant and educational expertise. As a certified trainer  with ISSA and NFPT, Brent has been a contributing author and fitness expert to Muscle & Fitness and also has his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. 



Brian Martinez

Recently garnering his Pro Card in 2017 at the NPC Jr Nationals Classic Physique, Brian began competing in 2009 at the Elite Muscle Classic in Greensboro, North Carolina. He found his passion for bodybuilding while serving in the Army. After completing his first competition, Brian realized he wanted to help others reach their goals as they compete at different levels. 



Audreana Cornelissen

The most recent addition to Team Hodge is Audreana, who began competing in 2012 at the NPC Gold Classic. As a Biology student at UNCW Wilmington, she initiated her interest in the human body and the function of muscles. After meeting Brian, Audreana found her passion for bodybuilding and began her quest to  earn her pro card. In 2014, she earned her Pro Card with IFBB at the NPC Jr USA. 



Justin Meir

Joining the team in 2018, Justin brings a very interesting element to  bodybuilding and physique. Justin has been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years and is a registered nurse in the state of South Carolina. With only 3 years of experience in the competition arena, Justin has a significant amount of knowledge and passion for helping others achieve their goals in health and wellness. 


Court Goss_Fitness.jpg

Courtney Goss

Joining the Team Hodge lineup of coaches, Courtney brings with her a well-rounded background in fitness and equestrian. With more than 14 years of riding experience, Courtney has the discipline and stamina that makes her successful in the fitness industry. Not only does she compete personally, she is also a certified personal trainer through NASM.