Team Hodge Coaching Fees


We value those that are committed to creating and sustaining healthy, active lifestyles. We have built this team and idea to help support athletes no matter if its their first show or a long time competitor. We will always make sure you, the client, are our first priority at all times. If you are interested in working with our coaches you will find the information necessary to get started below as it pertains to pricing and all that is included in your client package. All packages, unless specified are based on a monthly contract.


-Weekly or bi-weekly coaching updates
-Personal contact with each coach
-Nutrition plan
-Guided workout plan
-Guided supplement plan

Monthly Fees

12 months- $200/month
6 months- $250/month
4 months- $300/month
3 months- $350/month
Month to Month- $400/month 



-If more than 5 athletes are participating in a show, whether local or national, we will ensure there is a coach present to represent the team and guide the clients. 
-In the event that a coach is needed at a show, the costs will be split among all of the athletes attending the contest to cover coach travel and expenses, as well as a weekend stipend per athlete ($50).
- Coach will be present at contest to help provide any last minute changes, ensure client is well supported, and client is ready for the stage.
*Any questions or concerns that need to be addressed beyond the coach should be directed to