Nicole Coleman

Nicole Coleman, also known as ‘The Iron Babe’, was born and raised in New Orleans, LA.  She has been in the Fitness Industry for almost 20 years.  After obtaining a BA in Mass Communications and Media Graphics, Nicole worked as a Television Graphic Artist. But, after a life changing transformation leading into her very first NPC Bodybuilding Show, as Lightweight Novice Bodybuilder, fitness became her passion.  It was then that she decided to pursue a career in Personal Training to help others.  While helping dozens of clients reach their fitness goals, Nicole continued competing in the NPC as a Bodybuilder and then as a Figure competitor while she chased her dream of becoming an IFBB Pro.  That dream came true in 2008, at the NPC Team Universe Championship, where she won the Figure A Class and earned her Pro Card.

After competing one year as a Pro Figure Competitor, Nicole took on the challenge of switching to the Pro Bikini division a year after it was introduced in to the NPC/IFBB.  After several shows and a major physique transformation, Nicole went on to qualify for the prestigious Mr. Olympia. Since then, Nicole has battled several health challenges through the years, but somehow always finds her way back to the stage.  Nicole loves the sport and has had the opportunity to work on both sides of the stage.  She’s been mentoring competitors in the sport for 10 years and loves being a great example strength, commitment and will power.