Leg Training

Training legs is an important aspect of your overall workout regimen due to the various muscular components that must be encompassed.  Dr. Hodge who is sponsored by Performax Labs has created several videos with different athletes to demonstrate proper techniques and the exercises you should be implementing into your workout routines.

The Quads are often overlooked when working the legs, which is why Dr. Trey has compiled several exercises that are beneficial to training the quads. 

Team Hodge visits with Arsenal Strength and IFBB Pro Becca Sizemore to discuss training tips for leg day. 

The hamstrings are a complex muscle group but can be over trained or over trained, meaning muscle imbalance. 

Dr. Trey works with an athlete to work on proper deadlift techniques and when to implement them into your training program.  

Deadlifts are a great way to work several muscle groups at once, including your core, hamstrings, and lower back. 

Dr. Trey and Brent Bumgarner work together in this two-part series to go over the importance of leg day and the workouts that you should incorporate.