Courtney Goss

Courtney began riding horses over 14 years ago, at which point she spent most of her time running a boarding facility and working the training farm where she rode. She has experience in a number of disciplines that fall under the equestrian category, including teaching riding lessons. Her passion has always been with raising and saddle breaking young horses and most recently working the race track starting yearlings under saddle for their racing careers. Four years ago she became interested in fitness and began to add it into her daily routine, at which point she realized it was fun and positively effected her riding ability in a way that increased strength and cardiovascular stamina. After discovering her interested in fitness, she decided her equestrian students would also benefit from adding in a fitness routine. It was at this time, Courtney decided to become a certified personal trainer through NASM and began her journey with equestrian fitness for riders. 4 year later and 3 figure competitions , she became the proud owner of Goss Fitness Studies, where she has the privilege to work with clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels to reach their goals.

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