Brian Martinez

Brian Martinez is originally from New Jersey and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He grew up playing different sports, mainly soccer and martial arts.  Upon graduation from high school, Brian decided to enlist in the Army where he completed a tour in Afghanistan.   It was during his time overseas where he found his passion for weight training. It helped Brian keep his mind focused  goals instead of dwelling about missing home. After returning home to North Carolina, Brian continued to train and in 2009 competed in his first show at the Elite Muscle Class in Greensboro, NC.  He had no idea of how to properly  prepare for contests and  couldn't afford a coach, which led him to reading  every MD and Flex magazine possible. Brian ended up placing 2nd in the heavy weight class of Novice Bodybuilding.  He felt that after his first competition he had found his true calling, thus leading him to not only want to better himself but to provide the tools and resources for others that want to be successful in the Fitness Industry.

Brian is also a sponsored athlete with Labrada Nutrition and recently obtained pro status with IFBB in 2017, after winning Class B at the NPC Jr Nationals Classic Physique.

Top Accomplishments:

2017 NPC Jr Nationals Classic Physique Class B winner (where I won my IFBB professional status)
2016 NPC NC State Bodybuilding Competition 1st ever Mr. NC Classic Physique Overall winner
2016 Labrada Nutrition Athlete search winner
2014 NPC NC State Bodybuilding competition (Best arms, Best posing)
2014 NPC Jr USA's Men's Light heavy weight open bodybuilding 2nd place
2013 NPC NC State Bodybuilding competition light heavy weight 2nd place (Best arms, Best chest, Best posing)
2012 NPC NC State Bodybuilding competition Open bodybuilding middle weight 2nd place
2012 NPC Gold's Classic Overall and Mr. Wilmington


It’s been quite a journey so far but my passion for the sport and this lifestyle had only gotten stronger! I’m so grateful for my friends and family and I couldn’t have made it this far without the love and support of my fiance Audreana Cornelissen (who is also an IFBB pro; she competes in figure) and the guidance and friendship of my coach Dr. Trey Hodge. I’m proud to be part of such an elite team! Excited about the future!