Audreana Cornelissen

Audreana is a native of North Carolina and received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from UNC Wilimingon. Her interest in fitness began before college and as she pursued her degree. As she published a thesis on muscle development, her interest in fitness and lifting increased and created a bond between her and her now fiance Brian Martinez. In 2012, Audreana began competing after Brian convinced her that she was capable of competing in the figure category at different competitions. With no formal training in competition prep, she researched and expanded her knowledge on nutrition, hormones, fat loss, and proper training techniques. Audreana coached herself for several years until she realized she would need formal guidance to help her reach her full potential and to break through the top 5. At the 2017 IFBB Kentucky Pro, she cracked the top 5 by placing 3rd after working with Dr. Trey Hodge. As a member of Team Hodge, Audreana is committed to providing the same guidance and support that Dr. Hodge provided to her when she need it the most. 

Top Accomplishments:

2016 IFBB Hurricane Pro Figure - 7th Place
2015 IFBB Dallas Europa Pro Debut Figure - 7th Place
2014 NPC Jr. USA Figure Class D - 1st Place, IFBB Pro Card Winner
2013 NPC Jr. USA Figure Class D - 1st Place
2013 Arnold Amateur Open Figure - 5th Place
2012 NPC Gold's Classic - Open Overall Figure