about Team Hodge


Team Hodge was founded by Dr. Trey Hodge of Florence, South Carolina.  Dr. Trey Hodge has an extensive background in World Moosul Kwan and has been bodybuilding and powerlifting since June 2000. After finding his passion in helping others, he founded Hodge Custom Training, which is comprised of professional athletes that have over 10 years of experience each in the competitive arena and the fitness industry. These athletes understand what it takes to reach the next level and what commitment is necessary to achieve goals and be successful. Success for Team Hodge is not measured on how high an individual can place but how much one can progress and overcome obstacles. It takes diligence to want to constantly better ones self both physically and mentally. This fitness industry is built for the mentally strong, who can overcome many of the hardest obstacles. Goals cannot simply be reached with a feeling of accomplishment without some form of resistance. It takes more than will to be successful in this realm of the fitness industry, it takes mental stamina and courage to face the biggest of challenges.



Team Hodge is designed to fit any active and competitive individual who wants to positively change their physique as well as manage their personal journey.  Our goal is to be attentive to each individual equally and to establish a timely and consistent management of their nutrition and training needs.


Team Hodge wants to expand its reach to many of those seeking guidance in physical fitness.  We want to establish a healthy environment of training that suffices the needs of the individual.  Ultimately to create and succeed in goals set for our clients and leaving them feeling well supported in their fitness journey.